Tuesday, September 23, 2014

FIrst Day Of Fall

"Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower"

Today is the very first day of fall and we are very excited about it over here at Livy Lou's! With new scarves, sweaters, boot cuffs and socks coming in we are ready to throw on those cozy clothes, brew up a cup of tea and welcome Autumn with open arms.
Stop in and celebrate with us! Livy Lou's is full of new clothing and accesories that will help you welcome the new season with style and will keep you warm on those chilly fall evenings.

< Our new Beautiful in Black sweater paired with the perfect rust colored bird scarf and a darling tribal themed necklace.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring has sprung over at Livy Lou’s!

Have you seen our amazing windows for Easter?! If not, make sure to stop by and have a look. We’re loving the warm weather and blooming trees. The changing seasons call for an update on everyone’s favorite local boutique! Florals, sweet spring colors and feminine cuts are all included in our spring merchandise.

We are also having three sales: come in and find some great merchandise before it’s gone… The best time to buy winter jackets and sweaters is now, because they’re all discounted at 50%! We also have Spring Merchandise that is discounted 30%. We’re continuing our Easter Egg Sale this coming Friday and Saturday (April 19th and 20th). If you haven’t heard, this sale is simple and guarantees you a discount; when you’re ready to checkout, you may choose an Easter egg, each with a different discount! You may receive up to 30% off your purchase. Don’t miss this great chance to save some money on adorable clothes!
We hope you’re enjoying this fabulous weather as much as we are, and we’d love to see you soon! Happy Easter and happy Spring from the Livy Lou’s Team!

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Optimist

Well, what can I say, time fly's when you have a gazillion things going on. I was at the store today enjoying some "project time" (for the most part this means having a pinterest tab, blog tab, facebook tab, and pic monkey tab open all day long!) However, I did get a lot of projects and ideas for our upcoming Young Women camp and Wednesday night youth activities! I came across a saying that I fell in love with about optimism. I also came across this pin...How to make your own chalkboard printable, married the two together and whaa laa!

For my first digital printable, I think it looks pretty cute. For the most part I would rather order them on ETSY. I love Etsy, people are so creative, much more than I. I have a plain white frame that I will print this out in and I think it would look lovely on my bedside table!
Happy Monday.
Love Livy.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our little Store – under the umbrella



Well I have a little something to admit. I have been MIA for most of the summer, busy with kids, projects, trips and just loving time off! Thanks to my sweet girls who reconfigure, redesign and keep the boat afloat while the captain plays! But since we have been back to our normal schedule and finally to have a routine I can honestly say I love our little store. I love that I have an outlet to be creative, that people love our store and to work with amazing stylists and friends. That is what is unique about Livy Lou’s. People say that there is a sweet vibe and we will keep it that way. It’s a place to come, relax, be inspired and get pampered! There’s always new things going, new products to try and new fashion trends so come stop by. We are always so glad when you do!

Ps. The only way to get things you want is to ask. I saw this awesome umbrella in a guys side yard – I know right! But those are the best finds (other people’s things that they are NOT appreciating!)  I have wanted one for years for the store. I left a note on the door and surprisingly he said it was available! I wired a string of my fav outdoor lights and how fabulous is that! This is one of my favorite things about our store!

Whoo Whoo!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Writing Desk Wednesday

Writing Wednesday
Some colors are just NOT supposed to go on certain pieces of furniture. And sad for me I didn't figure that out until I had already spent two hours on this project. I THOUGHT this would look fabulous in a bright teal, so I started to paint it and...I just didn't love it.
 Now, I'm not saying that it wouldn't have turned out wonderful, because with some new funky knobs and dark glaze it would have been. But when I stood back I just didn't get that feeling. And if you are one of those people who love to design, create and re-purpose you know that feeling. It's a feeling that brings singing to my soul, it's a breath of fresh air, it's like taking a new pair of shoes out of the box for the first time! Ahhh, I love that feeling! But it wasn't like that, so frustrated with the time I had spent, I had Jack get out the sprayer and he sprayed it white...I did NOT love that either. So back in the barn it went and there it would sit for a few months. And then I found the perfect paint. What do you think?... Isn't it so much better. I love how soft it is.

I kept the original knobs and just gave them a quick coat of white paint. Look at how charming and quaint they are. And look at all that storage, man, all your papers would be so organized!

And if your stacks of paper work, all your kids cute school projects and bank statements aren't neatly organized into little cubbies (like mine NEVER are - seriously ask Jack), the beauty of this desk is you can hide all that!

This desk is available at our little store in our
Beautiful Downtown Prescott.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tweet Tweet Tuesday

Well hello. Today is Tweet Tweet Tuesday. What is it about birds that are so charming?!? Little Livy always says she wishes she could fly and look at the world from above. That view of the world is so peaceful. We here at Livy Lou's find birds charming, delicate and lovely. Here are a few things we have to celebrate Tweet Tweet Tuesday.
Livy Lou's Soaring Songbrids - $32.75
Fancy Fawuna Blouse $32.00

Burlap Bird and Music Pillow $46.25
Mint Little Birdie $11.75
Set of Four Button Coasters - A Livy Lou's Favorite $28.00
Call for orders and shipping!
Livy Lou's

Make a wish Monday

Make a Wish Monday Decorative Hooks

Well Hello. Hooks are my go to organizer. Put these sweet hooks in your bathroom to hang towels, by the front door to hang jackets, keys or handbags / backpacks, or in your bedroom / closet to organize your jewelry! They are a great display piece for any space. What would you use them for?